- Your movie database on the cloud

My name is Dennis Finke, I like technology and movies, so I combined the two, I have created other sites:

Features include:

  1. Search for movies in your collection by name, genre, your own rating, year, media or backup disk
    Not only can you search for your movies but you can search for them anywhere. Android, Apple and Windows tablets are supported for this cloud application.
  2. Easily add new movies by searching for movies from The Movie Database
    Fast and easy interface to search and pick the movies being added to your collection.
  3. Statistic graphs to easily guage the various aspects of movies in your collection
    A dashboard view of all your movies, making an overview easy and simple.
  4. Free to use and resilient
    A daily full backup of the database will ensure your data is not totally lost.
  5. Sharing your collection
    Allow friends and family to use your Movie Database by adding them into your group